Capricci Gemstones was born from Francesca and Gianpietro's great passion for the world of handcrafted jewelry and rare gems.

Our story starts in 1982, when Francesca's parents decided to found Capricci Casa della Collana, the first store specializing in precious stones in Bergamo.

Right from the start Francesca distinguished herself by creating unique handcrafted jewelry and, after meeting Gianpietro, she shared his passion for minerals and precious stones, until in 1996 it became the driving sector of the family business: thus was born Capricci Gemstones, a brand specializing in the sale of rare and collectible gems.

The network of international suppliers allows us to identify and select only the best gems on the market; moreover, constant research and participation in the most important fairs in Italy and Europe have consolidated Capricci Gemstones 's reputation internationally. 

We have always considered transparency as one of the fundamental values on which our business is based; for this reason, all our gems are individually packaged and accompanied by detailed information, including name, weight, origin and sale price (both on eCommerce and at the fair). Each gemstone comes with its technical data sheet and, upon request or if available, with a certificate of authenticity and gemology issued by the Italian Gemmological Institute (IGI).

We are proud to offer our customers high quality products, personalized service and the guarantee of a transparent and reliable transaction.

Thank you for choosing Capricci Gemstones.