Ametrine and Rhodium Silver Ring

Code J005
Handcrafted ring made of 925/°°° rhodium-plated sterling silver with an oval-cut Amethrine gemstone, a delicate lilac color with slight yellow undertones. Amethrine is a particular Quartz because it blends Amethyst and Citrine Quartz in itself. The gemstone measures approximately 19 x 13 mm and the ring is size 14, but its special construction makes it adjustable from 12 to 16, without the need to open it underneath. Being nickel-free, it does not cause annoying allergies, and the rhodium plating, in addition to preserving it from oxidation, makes the jewel the same color as white gold.

Collection: Gems
Type: Rings
Stone: Amethrine
Metal: silver 925/°°° rhodium-plated
Dimensions: ring size adjustable from 12 to 16, gemstone 19.0 x 13.0 mm

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